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To obtain data choose a centre and a scenario. Then decide which variables you need and which data format you prefer. Finally, you will be guided to the database interface which will let you retrieve the data files one by one .

Due to a change in the data transfer system we currently provide data only in GRIB format (a machine independent, self-descriptive binary format). If you need data in Glog_CSIRO_TMPZIP (compressed ASCII) format you'll have to convert the GRIB data locally. For data format conversion you can either use grbconv or the CDO package.

Information on both formats and the internal data structure is given here.


Survey of available IS92A Scenarion Runs for SAR

(ghg : greenhouse gasr run, ghg+s : greenhouse gas + sulphate run)

Center Acronym Model Scenario Runs
Max Planck Institute für Meteorologie
MPIfM ECHAM4 [PDF] / OPYC3 [PDF] control ghg   ghg+s (1)
ghg+s (2)
Deutsches Klamarechenzentrum (DKRZ)
DKRZ control ghg ghg+s (1) ghg+s (2)  
Hadley Centre 
for Climate Prediction and Research
HCCPR HadCM2 control ghg 1% (1)
ghg 1% (2)
ghg 1% (3)
ghg 1% (4)
ghg 0.5% (1)
ghg 0.5% (2)
ghg 0.5% (3)
ghg 0.5% (4)
ghg+s 1% (1)
ghg+s 1% (2)
ghg+s 1% (3)
ghg+s 1% (4)
ghg+s 0.5% (1)
ghg+s 0.5% (2)
ghg+s 0.5% (3)
ghg+s 0.5% (4)
HadCM3 control ghg   ghg+s  
Australia's Commonwealth Scientific
and Industrial Research Organisation Australia
CSIRO CSIRO-Mk2 control ghg   ghg+s
National Centre for Atmospheric Research 
NCAR  NCAR-CSM control ghg   ghg+s  
NCAR DOE-PCM control buissiness
as usual
Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory
GFDL R30 control ghg   ghg+s  
Canadian Center for Climate Modelling and Analysis
CCCma CGCM1 control ghg   ghg+s (1)
ghg+s (2)
ghg+s (3)
Center for Climate System Research
National Institute for Environmental Studies
control ghg ghg+s
Scenario runs included in the IPCC-DDC.

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