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Climate model output

Global mean fields described in the 2007 IPCC Fourth Assessment Report (SRES scenarios)

Multi-model ensemble mean surface temperature anomaly

The multi-model ensemble global mean surface temperature anomalies from the IPCC 4th Assessment Report (2007) are available: AR4 global, multi-model means.

Precipitation and surface temperature for each model

Global means for all models are available in text files, combined together into zip archives:

ScenarioTemperature Precipitation
SRES A2 get data get data
SRES B1 get data get data
SRES A1B get data get data
Commitment get data get data

Climate model projections and simulations in the DDC: global gridded fields

Data from individual models can be obtained from the links below. These links also give access to data from earlier IPCC Assessment Reports.

  • Monthly means: monthly mean data for each models and scenario, and a wider range of variables.
  • Climatolgies: 20 and 30 year means for each model and scenario, and a range of variables. Some data is also available in GIS compatible Geotiff format.