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Welcome to the IPCC Data Distribution Centre

Welcome to the Data Distribution Centre (DDC) of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). The DDC provides climate, socio-economic and environmental data, both from the past and also in scenarios projected into the future. Technical guidelines on the selection and use of different types of data and scenarios in research and assessment are also provided.

The DDC is designed primarily for climate change researchers, but materials contained on the site may also be of interest to educators, governmental and non-governmental organisations, and the general public.

The DDC is overseen by the IPCC Task Group on Data Support for Climate Change Assessments (TG-DATA) (formely the Task Group on Data and Scenario Support for Impact and Climate Analysis - TGICA) and jointly managed by the Centre for Environmental Data Analysis (CEDA) in the United Kingdom, the ICSU World Data Center Climate (WDCC) in Germany, and the Center for International Earth Science Information Network (CIESIN) at Columbia University, New York, USA. The data are provided by co-operating modelling and analysis centres.


Factsheet on CMIP5 data in the DDC.

Results from the 2015 user survey.

Introduction to the IPCC Data Distribution Centre (Full page)

The DDC has been established to facilitate the timely distribution of a consistent set of up-to-date scenarios of changes in climate and related environmental and socio-economic factors for use in climate impacts assessments. The intention is that these new assessments can feed into the review process of the IPCC (Full page).

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Guidance on the use and interpretation of data and on use of the site

Several documents providing technical guidance or summarising information held on the DDC are downloadable from this site. They constitute IPCC "Supporting Material" and have been prepared at the request of the Task Group on Data and Scenario Support for Impacts and Climate Analysis (TGICA).

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Discover and download data from the DDC

The data holdings of the IPCC Data Distribution Centre span the entire range of IPCC activities, ranging across disciplines from social-economic to the physical climate. The site is organised around three categories: observations; computer simulations; and analyses combining the first two. The DDC provides access to observations of the physical climate, socio-economic parameters and environmental parameters.

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Computer Simulations

Computational models play an increasingly central role in underpinning our understanding of the environment, society. The DDC contains data produced from Integrated Assessment Models (IAMs), Carbon-cycle Models, General Circulation Models, and Earth System Models.


Data visualisation